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    29January 2021

    Getting Back on Track

    "The Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed a global economic crisis that has had a dramatic impact on all aspects of society and life."  In this article, we discuss saving and retiring with confidence in the new normal.   See full article here.
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    7December 2020

    Interview on Asia Asset Management

    "Be prepared - as the population ages, Hong Kongers need to save more for retirement."     PSA Chairman Ms. Elaine Lau was recently interviewed by Asia Asset Management and shared her view on the MPF System.   See full article here.    
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    1December 2020

    The MPF System celebrates its 20th anniversary

    Ms. Elaine Lau, Chairman of Pension Schemes Association, speaks on the progress, achievements and outlook for the system.   Click here to see the video.
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    10August 2020

    Ming Pao "Retirement Planning" interview

    MPF members often panic during financial crisis especially if they approach retirement age.  We shared our suggestions at a recent interview by Ming Pao.Link here (Interview in Chinese)  
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    28April 2020

    Interview on TV Program "Revel in Retirement"

    PSA was recently interviewed by TVB Finance & Information Channel (85) on the program "Revel in Retirement" - in view of the recent market turmoil, we shared our suggestions to those MPF members who are approaching retirement age, as well as comments on long term retirement planning.   Link here (PSA interview starts at 18'20")
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    15April 2020

    Good MPF Employer Award 2019-20 open for applications from 1 April

    The 2019-20 Good MPF Employer Award, organized by the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA), will be open for applications and nominations from 1 April to 30 June 2020. The annual Award aims to recognize employers that have been committed to enhancing the retirement benefits of their employees since 2015. The response in the past few years has been encouraging. Now in its sixth year, nearly 1,800 companies and organizations have been honoured as “Good MPF Employers”.   To specially commend and give public recognition to employers that have made continuous efforts to further enhance the retirement protection of their employees, employers who fulfil the relevant requirements will be presented with one or both of the following NEW awards:   - Good MPF Employer 6 Years   Employers receiving the Good MPF Employer Award for six consecutive years. - Best All-round MPF Employer   Employers fulfilling ALL five criteria below: (1)   Received the Good MPF Employer 6 Years; (2)   Offered more than one MPF scheme; (3)  Offered MPF voluntary contributions for selected or all of their employees; (4)   Received the e-Contribution Award; and (5)   Received the MPF Support Award.    This year, the Award covers the period from 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020. Employers wishing to apply for the Award can simply submit an application online on the MPFA’s Good MPF Employer Award website. Alternatively, employers can submit their applications by email, fax or post. Employees are also welcome to nominate their employers by submitting a nomination form.   The MPFA will present Award Certificates to the awardees, and their names will be listed on the MPFA website for public access and recognition. They will be invited to MPFA events and will receive the latest MPFA updates. Awardees are also entitled to use the Award Logo on their website and promotional materials until 30 September 2021. They may also be invited to share their experience with the public through various promotional channels!   Don't wait, apply now, and be a Good MPF Employer for 2019-20!     Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority GMEA Hotline:2292 1222