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The MPF system has been implemented for more than 20 years and has been the backbone of Hong Kong’s pension system. Regulatory bodies are continuously optimizing the system to help us serve the working population better, including the introduction of Default Investment Strategy and Tax-deductible Voluntary Contributions. Our main goal is to help Hong Kong’s working population achieve their ideal retirement goals.


Pension Scheme Association (PSA) is an incredibly important body for all MPF scheme sponsors and industry stakeholders. It was founded by six MPF scheme sponsors who collectively manage 75% of MPF assets. Together, we are committed to building continued trust and confidence in the MPF industry.


It is my honour to take up the role of PSA Chairman for next two years. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to our Chairmen of the past two terms, for leading PSA to fulfil the mission in enhancing Hong Kong’s MPF system. I am really looking forward to continuing their hard work in my new role.


Now is an unprecedented time for the MPF system with several reform initiatives underway, most notably the eMPF Platform initiative.  Having successfully collaborated with key policy makers and regulatory bodies for different initiatives in the past, PSA will continue to act as a consultative body that represents the voice of the industry. We strive to enhance the MPF system for the long term, in the interest of the Hong Kong public.


We also look forward to broadening the horizon of PSA and welcome all MPF scheme sponsors as well as other industry stakeholders to join us. Let’s build a community together in which thoughts can be shared and communicated openly, towards our common goal of helping the people of Hong Kong achieve their retirement goals.


Ms. Rainbow Pan

Pension Scheme Association Chairman