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Dear Members of the MPF Community,


As I embark on my term as Chairman of the Pension Schemes Association (PSA), I am filled with a deep sense of honor and a clear vision for the future. The next two years promise to be transformative for the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) system in Hong Kong, and I am committed to leading our association through this pivotal period with dedication and foresight.


The MPF system has been a cornerstone of Hong Kong’s pension landscape for over two decades. As we stand on the cusp of significant regulatory reforms, our mission to represent, consult, and enhance the MPF community remains more crucial than ever. Recent changes in regulatory frameworks are designed to optimize our services and better serve the working population of Hong Kong. These reforms, coupled with the digitalization of the MPF industry, will redefine how we operate and interact with the MPF members.


One of the most significant initiatives underway is the implementation of the eMPF Platform. This digital transformation is not just about modernization; it is about making the MPF system more accessible, transparent, and efficient for all stakeholders. The PSA is committed to supporting this transition, ensuring that the benefits of digitalization are fully realized across the industry. Equally important is our understanding of the evolving needs and behaviors of MPF members. As demographics shift and new generations join the workforce, their expectations and engagement with the MPF system change. The PSA will continue to listen and adapt, fostering an environment where members feel empowered and informed about their retirement planning.


Our vision for the PSA aligns seamlessly with our mission: to act as the representative body for all MPF scheme sponsors and industry stakeholders in Hong Kong, to provide thought leadership and consultative support to policymakers and regulators, and to enhance trust in the MPF system. By collaborating closely with all industry stakeholders, we aim to cultivate public awareness and confidence in the MPF system.


I extend my deepest gratitude to the previous chairperson for her exemplary leadership and dedication. Her efforts have laid a strong foundation upon which we will build. As we move forward, I invite all MPF scheme sponsors and industry stakeholders to join us in this journey. Let us work together to share insights, communicate openly, and strive towards our common goal: helping the people of Hong Kong achieve their ideal retirement outcomes.


Thank you for your continued support and commitment to the MPF community. Together, we will navigate this era of change and innovation, ensuring a robust and trustworthy MPF system for all.



Roderick Koliloedjoer

Chairman, Pension Schemes Association