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    17December 2021

    Press Release: PSA Survey on eMPF Platform Project

    Pension Schemes Association (“PSA”) today announced the findings of a survey on the eMPF Platform project. The survey was designed to understand the views and needs of employers with respect to the upcoming eMPF Platform, online services, and digital adoption. See Press Release here
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    2August 2021

    Ming Pao "Retirement Planning" interview

    Hong Kong people are increasingly aware of retirement planning. We shared our suggestions on pre- and post-retirement at a recent interview by Ming Pao.Link here (interview in Chinese)
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    7April 2021

    Good MPF Employer Award 2020-21 open for applications

    The Good MPF Employer Award 2020-21, organiezd by the MPFA, is open for applications from 1 April until 30 June.   Click here for details.
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    29January 2021

    Getting Back on Track

    "The Covid-19 pandemic has unleashed a global economic crisis that has had a dramatic impact on all aspects of society and life."  In this article, we discuss saving and retiring with confidence in the new normal.   See full article here.
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    7December 2020

    Interview on Asia Asset Management

    "Be prepared - as the population ages, Hong Kongers need to save more for retirement."     PSA Chairman Ms. Elaine Lau was recently interviewed by Asia Asset Management and shared her view on the MPF System.   See full article here.    
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    1December 2020

    The MPF System celebrates its 20th anniversary

    Ms. Elaine Lau, Chairman of Pension Schemes Association, speaks on the progress, achievements and outlook for the system.   Click here to see the video.